Solar Heating

solarheatingWhat is Solar Heating?

Solar heating is extremely simple, with 2 or more solar panels on a roof, the cold water supply is connected to the solar storage tank. Water to be heated circulates between the storage tank and the solar collectors. The output from the solar storage tank becomes the cold water connection to the conventional gas, electric or oil water heater. When a hot tap is opened, water is drawn from storage into the water heater. The burner or electric element only turns on if the temperature cannot be maintained by the solar heater. Most properly-designed solar water heaters will supply 50-70% of all the energy needed for hot water heating.

The UK receives over 1000Kw of energy per square meter each year. Solar Heating Systems harness free energy – reducing the negative effects on the environment as well as drastically reducing heating bills. To get the full benefits of a solar heater you must have an area for the solar collectors that is large enough and has the proper exposure to the sun. A flat roof is ideal because the collectors can usually be oriented to face the sun directly very easily. If you install the collectors on a pitched roof, the ideal direction the roof should face is south.

Know exactly what you are getting and for what price. We will:

  • Give you¬†specific details on how the solar panels will be attached to the roof; whether they are¬†structurally attached through into rafters, and are they elevated to allow for proper drainage, to prevent roof rot and debris buildup.
  • Get a drawing showing the number and location of panels, and schematic diagrams showing plumbing and control arrangements.
  • Get specification sheets and warranties on panels and control.
  • Get a copy of the certified solar test ratings for the panels.
  • Specify who is responsible for clean-up after installation.
  • Specify that the installer will demonstrate how the system is operated and will provide written operating instructions.

You can save money on your bills by using solar energy for heating water. Not only will you save money you will also help preserve our natural gas supplies and help protect our environment.

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